Garosugil Cafe Ginkgo Avenue (가로수길 카페 징코에비뉴)

If you are in Korea, you will realize that the nation’s love for coffee. Indeed, the cafe culture is already become a part of Seoul’s culture. Garosu-gil in Gangnam district, the artsy street where you can find many European style cafes is the place to go if you wanna to be part of this cafe culture in Seoul.

Ginkgo Avenue

Ginkgo Avenue

The name of the cafe – Ginkgo Avenue (징코에비뉴) is very suitable to be located at Garosugil as Garosugil means “tree-lined street” and the street are mostly lined with ginkgo trees.

Ginkgo Avenue

View of Garosugil from ginkgo avenue

Ginkgo Avenue

Ginkgo Avenue

Interior of Ginkgo Avenue’s 2F. The cafe offers a quiet and cozy ambiance.

Vanilla Latte Ginkgo Avenue

Cappuccino (Ginkgo Avenue)

Ginkgo Cafe

Ginkgo Cafe Garosugil

Isn’t it awesome to enjoy some quiet moment with a cuppa cappuccino and a book?

The nearest subway to Garosugil is Sinsa Station (신사역).

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