[Jeonju] Eyebis – SNSD Taeyeon’s dad optical shop (a.k.a Taeyeon’s Shrine)

Fans of SNSD might all know about Jeonju, the hometown of Taeyeon! Her dad’s optical shop is located at Seodo Plaza (서도 프라자). The most convenient way is to take a taxi if you happened to be in Jeonju City. Don’t worry, most Jeonju’s taxi drivers know about Seodo Plaza.

Taeyeon Eyebis




It is easy to find Eyebis (아이비스) as it is located at the first floor of the plaza. Her dad wasn’t around when I was there in the morning. I proceed to purchase contact lenses and spectacles. Next, I proceeded to “Taeyeon’s Gallery” or “Taeyeon’s Shrine”

Taeyeon Eyebis

Taeyeon’s Gallery

The corner of the shop has lots of merchandises, fan gifts and photographs of Taeyeon. Who wouldn’t be proud if Kim Taeyeon were to be your daughter. Jeonju is a 3-hr journey from Seoul. If you have a chance to visit Jeonju, remember to head to Eyebis!

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