Korean Fashion For Men: Spring Fashion 2014

Weather in Seoul has reached 10°C during the day which means Spring is almost here!

Like most places, Spring’s weather can be inconsistent and some day, you may enjoy the warmth and some days, temperatures may be nearing 0°C. If you’re heading to Korea, check out the Korean Spring fashion on various ‘online shopping mall’!



Say goodbye to thick jackets when the temperature is above 10°C. A knitted wear will be sufficient for most people. The best way to enjoy spring is to participate in one of the many Spring Activities in Korea!



Jeonju enjoys milder climate than Seoul. It has an ideal Spring weather for those who enjoys warmer climate. Visit one of the many Jeonju’s restaurants that offers you the best Korean cuisine.



For seekers of the affluent side of Korea, visit Gangnam where you can enjoy a cup of coffee at a cafe or visit the high-end fashion boutiques.



In Seoul, you can get a haircut for approximately US$25! Get a ever trendy dandy cut there!



For youths who love to shop, Myeongdong is a shopping district caters for youth. The area is also known as ‘Cosme Road’ as it has many shops selling cosmetics. Remember to stay warm as the night might get a bit too cold!

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2 thoughts on “Korean Fashion For Men: Spring Fashion 2014

  1. Some of these pics have guys wearing jeans. So are jeans in fashion there? It seems like here in the US, jeans are the ALWAYS fashion. (At least, that’s true in the rural part of the US where I live.) But how common is it to see people wearing bluejeans in Korea?

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