[LADIES CODE CAR ACCIDENT] Kwon RiSe passes away

Kwon RiSe of Ladies Code has passed away at 10:10AM (Seoul Time) on 7th September 2014, a day before Korean Thanksgiving Day or Chuseok.


Kwon RiSe

Kwon RiSe

Kwon RiSe was critically injured and was in coma since 3rd September 2014. She was in coma for the 4 days. Unfortunately, RiSe eventually succumbed and passed away to Heaven at the age of 23.

The late Kwon RiSe was a fourth generation Jaeil Korean (Korean residing in Japan) born in the city of Fukushima in Northeastern Japan. She participated in Miss Korea 2009 as a representative of Jaeil Korean.

During one of the interview with The Star, RiSe mentioned her motto in life is “Never Give Up”. Indeed, RiSe will be remembered as a fighter as doctors said it was a miracle that RiSe survived as long as she did.

Running Man RiSe

Running Man RiSe

Condolences to the family and friends of RiSe and Eunbi. May RiSe and Eunbi rest in peace.



RiSe EunB

RiSe and EunB of Ladies Code


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