Korean Fashion For Men: Autumn Fashion 2014

I love the weather in Korea during October.

Daytime temperature has an average of about 15 °C, while the night time temperature is about 8°C. Although we wear light outer-wears just like Spring, the hue of Fall tends to go towards grey, brown and khaki etc. Let us take a look at Korean Fashion For Men for Autumn.

Temperature : 17 °C


Aboki (Aboki.net)

If you are lucky to experience warm weather, a long sleeved bocaci knit (보카시) will just be necessary. Remember to choose color suitable for the autumn season.

Temperature : 14 °C


Zinf (www/zinf.com)

Autumn is the season to reminisce the good old days. Argyle knitted vest is the perfect choice for autumn fashion as you reminisce your high school days.

Temperature 12°C

Opt for a more mature look with hound checkered napping vest.

Temperature: 9°C


flyday (flyday.co.kr)

Instead of bright cardigans, opt for a grey long cardigan to better match with autumn fashion.


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