About Seoul Awesome | 어바웃 서울 어우섬

Annyeonghaseyo everyone! Welcome to SEOUL AWESOME!

Seoul Awesome is the platform for me to share my love for the Korean culture so that I may share this passion with fellow K-lovers.

Seoul Awesome is the official WAH! Korea Club Blog (Singapore) and The Community Buzz for Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) in Korea.

Seoul Awesome is also the participating blog for Korea Taste and one of the top blogs for Gateway to Korea. Please show your support by giving thumbs up!

Recently, Seoul Awesome has been awarded by Wah! Korea Club  and Korea Tourism Organization Buzz Community for being one of the best blogs internationally.

Leave a comment to show your support. For any enquiries and events invitation in Singapore or Korea, please emal me at : seoulawesome@hotmail.com

I have noticed people copying the whole of my article with pictures without my permission. I regard the act as plagiarism. The list of websites that plagiarize are as follow:


If you are interested in sharing my articles, I allow NOT more than 20 words taken from the article. Also, please credit my blog address.


21 thoughts on “About Seoul Awesome | 어바웃 서울 어우섬

  1. Stopped by yr blog 2day and liked the bite-sized tips and insights…not too wordy, so makes a great quick read with practical resources…keep it up!

  2. Hi there! Got to know this blog through KTO’s Buzz. Very insightful blog. Makes me know a lot about Korea. Your blog attracts me to Korea and I’m so excited about my trip to Korea next month! Thank u so much for the tips and resources I got to know through your blog! Keep up the good work!

  3. I read in your website that somewhere in Apgujeong there is a shop for men’s clothing but I forget the name. It starts with G something. Do you know the place? Thanks for help

  4. I love your Blog! Thanks for creating one! 😀

    Btw, I’m going to Seoul this coming September, any suggestions on like what to take note and where to shop?


  5. i’ve always been interested in korea’s culture and traditions.. and i have always dream on going to korea when i finish my studies… give you all the best!!!!!!!

  6. Annyeonghaseyo~ I’m from Philippines and I actually love your blog^^ I really love Korea and its own treasures that’s why I feel very happy to spend my time in your blog. Thanks for sharing your insides and stuffs that has relevance to Korea. Please continue to inspire others, Gyeseok Useoyo! Jeongmal Gamsahamnida! I love Korea 🙂

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  8. Just now I’m studying now korean language bcoz I’m going to work in korea when I pass the exam for EPS.if I will be there and hope you will help me.you know EPS…….from myanmar

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