First Day of Spring in Korea – Ipchun

Koreans celebrate Ipchun (입춘/立春) on February 4th this year. The traditional East Asian Calendar calendars divide a year into 24 jeolki (절기/節氣) or solar terms. Ipchun is the first jeolki which marks the arrival of spring.


Ipchuncheop at a cafe (Instagram: @dubstepww)

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Super Junior Lee Teuk’s father and grandparents passed away in a car accident

Super Junior’s member, Lee Teuk (real name Park Jeong-su)’s father (Park Yong-in), aged 57 and grandparents has passed away due to a fatal car accident.

Lee Teuk

Super Junior’s Lee Teuk

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‘I Hear Your Voice’ Lee Bo Young and Ji Sung to Tie the Knot on September 27th

‘I Hear Your Voice’ lead actress Lee Bo-young (34) will tie the knot with long-time boyfriend, Actor Ji-sung (36) on the 27th of September 2013!

지성 이보영

Ji-sung and Lee Bo-young (Photo: TV Daily)

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Actor Song Joong-ki to be enlist on the 27th August

Song Joong-ki (29) will be enlist into military service on 27th August 2013.

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong-ki (Source:

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Running Man HaHa & Singer Byul Welcome Their Firstborn

Comedian-rapper HaHa (Ha Dong-hoon) and Singer Byul (Kim Go-eun) welcomed their firstborn, DREAM (드림) today (July 9th)!

Byul HaHa

Byul and HaHa

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Won Bin and Lee Na Young dating…

Lee Na Young WOn Bin

Won Bin and Lee Na Young

Won Bin (35) and Lee Na Young (34) caught dating!

Both stars were caught by Dispatch at the same location 8 times over the month. Their dates were often 2-days-1-night in length.
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The “PSY” Event


PSY (Photo: buzzKorea)

The big event with global KPOP sensation, “PSY (Gangnam Style/Gentleman)” will be starting on June 23, 2013! Spread the word about this event and leave comments. Participate now and win attractive prizes!