The Face Shop Mango Seed Silk Moisturizing Facial Butter Review

Fall and Winter in Korea can dehydrate your skin and it’s advisable to use some moisturizer to moisturize your skin.


THE FACE SHOP Mango Seed featuring Seohyun

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Cantata (칸타타) Mild Gold Review

Koreans love coffee.

If you travel to any city of Korea, especially in the capital city of Seoul, you will see many cafes on the street.


UEE for Cantata

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NichKhun Cheese Ramen – Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon

Korea has many different types of Ramen. I went to a mart along Daehangno when I was in Korea and bought “Bodeul Chijeu Ramyeon/Boodle Boodle Cheese Ramyeon 보들보들치즈라면” which is endorsed by Nichkhun of 2pm. Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon belongs to Ottogi Company which specializes in sauces, snacks and instant noodles.

Boodle Boodle Cheese Ramen

Bodeul Bodeul Cheese Ramyeon 보들보들치즈라면

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ElishaCoy BB Cream For Men

Wonder why Korean male celebrities’ skin is flawless despite their hectic work schedule?  Besides using skincare products, Korean celebrities use BB Cream to conceal blemishes and dark circles which is inevitable due to their short hours of sleep.

Elishacoy bb cream men

ElishaCoy The Style Platinum BB Cream For Men

I tried out ElishaCoy The Style Platinum BB Cream For Men. It contains platinum which makes the BB Cream blend your skintone and temperature. It’s very easy to apply and it makes my skin looks smoother and my face don’t look overly pale.

Super Junior (슈퍼주니어) was sponsered with this product for their Music Video, “Sorry Sorry 쏘리 쏘리”. It really makes a big difference to their skin. Here’s the evidence:

suju siwon

SuJu’s Siwon in his twitter without BB Cream (Source: Siwon’s twitter @siwon407)

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Teumsae Ramyeon 틈새라면

Teumsae Ramyeon is acutually a restaurant chain in Seoul specializing ramyeon(라면) and kimbap(김밥). After which they started to produce their very own flavours of instant noodles throughout Korea.

Teumsae Ramyeon

Teumsae Ramyeon

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