Dongdaemun (동대문; 東大門) literally means Great East Gate. The Great East Gate  was a major city gate during the Joseon Dynasty.


The Great East Gate in which Dongdaemun Fashion District got its name

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International Taxi in Korea

If you’re planning for a trip to Korea, you might want to consider taking the international taxi.

international taxi

international taxi

Very few Korean taxi drivers can speak languages other than Korean. I’ve even heard of taxi drivers who can’t locate the hotel as most hotels in Korea are not along the main road. For international taxi, you will just need to reserve 2 hours before your arrival at Incheon Airport (or Kimpo Airport) and specify the hotel. Rates are inexpensive too. If your hotel is located at places such as Dongdaemun, Myeongdong or Yongsan, it’ll only cost you 65,000 KRW. Compare to regular taxis, it may cost 85,000 KRW or more if the taxi driver has difficulty locating your hotel. You can check out the website at

Currently English, Chinese Mandarin and Japanese are available for the international taxi service. I’ve got myself a international taxi when I was in Korea and my driver was Miss Hyun. She spoke to me in pretty fluent English and her service was really awesome. She even accompanied me to the hotel lobby to assist me with the checking-in. I hired her taxi again when I return and she gave me a “bear wearing hanbok” keychain as a souvenir.

korean bear

korean bear

Readers, you may also read which I helped to contribute regarding my Korean trip.

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