[Korean Office Culture] Corporate Titles

Corporate Titles (직급/ 職級/ jik-keub) are very important in any Korean organization.

The corporate titles are different comparing to the west, and share many similarity with neighboring Japan. For fans of Korean drama, many are confused with the job titles.

Korean Office

Korean Office Setting (Source: tvN Misaeng)

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Seollal Special: Female Korean Idols in Hanbok

Hanbok (한복; 韓服) is still important in today’s Korean society especially during special events and festivals. During Seollal, Koreans wear their hanbok and bow to their elders. We’ll talk more about the Seollal customs in the next article.

Let us see some of the beautiful hanboks that our female idols wore.

eun jung hanbok

Eunjung of T-ara wearing modern Hanbok. Isn't it trendy to wear this during Seollal holidays? (Picture: Star News)

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