SNSD Taeyeon “Lost Her Job”?

SNSD’s leader, Kim Taeyeon recently uploaded a picture on instagram with the caption, “I lost my job….lol…하”.


Taeyeon (Source: instagram @taeyeon_ss)

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Regional Stereotypes in Korea and Korean Celebrities Hometown

Korea is a small country and South Korea is even smaller.

However, regional stereotypes do exist especially by the older generation as traveling to different province in the past was not common due to the mountainous terrain of the peninsula. Interactions within each region were uncommon, which leads to certain stereotypes.

Furthermore, Korea was divided into different kingdoms in the past which leads to certain rivalry; particularly Gyeongsang region (former Silla Kingdom) and Jeolla region (former Baekje Kingdom). Let us take a look at the different positive and negative stereotypes of each region and also Korean celebrities who represent the region.

Gyeonggi Region (Seoul Special City, Incheon Metropolitan City, Gyeonggi-do)


Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi-do Map

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Korean Parents’ Day Special: Korean celebrities’ parents

Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day (어버이날) on May 8th. In Korea, filial piety is considered the highest of all virtues due to their Confucianism belief (유교). On this day, children will show their respect and love for their parents usually by offering gifts such as carnations, beauty treatments and health care products.

SEOUL AWESOME brings you “Parents of Korean celebrities”. Let’s check them out!


Infinite L

Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L.)’s mom (credits: KBS)

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Korean Idols for May 2012 Magazines

April is coming to an end and the weather in Korea is getting warmer. Many Korean idols showcased the mid-spring fashion through magazine’s pictorials with bright colors and flora prints. Let us take a look.

Choi Minho (SHINee)

SHINee Minho Cosmopolitan

SHINee Minho for Cosmopolitan (Photo: Naver)

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Korean Valentines Day: Hot Couples 2012

Today marks Valentines Day worldwide. Koreans celebrate Valentines day differently from the West.

This year, SEOUL AWESOME brings you Favourite Star Couples of the year. Let’s check them out!

태연 ❤ 민호: Taeyeon and Minho (The Adorable Couple)

taeyeon minho

Taeyeon & Minho for Salamander Guru (Photo: Naver)

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Korean Fashion For Men: Airport Fashion Part 2

As mentioned from my previous Airport Fashion Post, Korean celebrities will always be the centre of attention in the Airport as reporters are waiting & ready to snap pictures of them. However, it is more important for them to dress up comfortably for the flight. In this post, I will cover awesome Airport Fashion of members of SHINee and B2ST/BEAST and how they dress up casually yet in style.

BEAST/B2ST (비스트)
BEAST left for Japan for United Cube Concert (유나이티드 큐브 인 재팬) at about 8:30am at Gimpo Airport today (24 Aug 2011). It’ll be held at Tokyo’s Nippon Budokan (日本武道館) on 25 Aug 2011. BEAST displayed awesome fashion, let’s check them out!


Kikwang spotted in a casual T-shirt, earphone, sunglasses with a branded bag. (Photo:

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