Seoul Yummy @ Bugis+

Seoul Yummy @ Bugis+(former Iluma). which is located at along Victoria Street in the Bugis arts, culture, learning and entertainment district.

Seoul Yummy provides delicious Korean cuisine for K-food lovers.

Bibim Naengmyeon with small Octopus (낙지비빔냉면)

Bibim Naengmyeon

Bibim Naengmyeon (비빔냉면)

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Summer Korean Cuisine

Korea’s summer is hot and humid. There are two kinds of known “summer dishes” in Korea.

The first category are hot dishes. Korea has the concept of “이열치열 (以熱治熱)”, which means to relieve heat with heat. It is believed that these dishes help to replenish stamina, which is believed to loss through excessive sweating during the hot summer season. An example is Korean Ginseng Chicken or what we call Samgyetang (삼계탕) in Korean.

Another kind of Summer Dishes are the ones that cools you down during the hot and humid season. We can’t possibly eat hot dishes every meal during the sweaty and humid summer. Examples are Naengmyeon (냉면) , Patbingsu (팥빙수) and more. Let’s take a look at these awesome summer cuisines that Koreans enjoy during summer season.

Patbingsu 팥빙수


Patbingsu 팥빙수 (Photo: CookCook TV)

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Naengmyeon 냉면

Naengmyeon (냉면) literally means “cold noodles” is a traditional Korean dish that was originated in Pyongyang City (평양) which is currently in the territory of North Korea. The noodles for naengmyeon is buckwheat which is believe to lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol. It doesn’t have much oil too so I would say that this dish is definitely a healthier choice. Naengmyeon is really a significant Korean food. You may want to watch “This Video” which was sang by Jessica of SNSD (Girls Generation) during Infinite Challenge Duet Festival. 

If you are a fan of Japanese cold soba, you’ll definitely like (or maybe prefer) the Korean version.There are two varieties of Naengmyeon. One is Mul Naengmyeon (물 냉면) and the other is Bibim Naengmyeon (비빔 냉면).

Mul Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon

Mul Naengmyeon is usually serve in a stainless steel bowl in an icy sweet-sour broth together with slices of Korean pear, cucumbers and hard-boiled egg. Vinegar and mustard will be available for you to add the amount you want. It is best eaten during the humid summer days in Korea.

Bibim Naengmyeon

Bibim Naengmyeon

Bibim Naengmyeon is the “drier” variety of naengmyeon and top with lots of Gochujang (고추장) which is Korean red pepper sauce.

The price for Naengmyeon in Seoul is about 5000 Won. Definitely a must-eat when you’re in Korea.

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