Coming of Age Day

Koreans celebrate “Coming of Age Day” (성년의 날 – Seongnyeoneui-nal), to commemorate adulthood when a person reaches the age of 20 (born 1991 this year). It falls on the third Monday of the month of May.

coming of age seohyun
Seohyun in a Seoul’s subway advertising billboard, commenmorating her adulthood this year. (Photo Source: Yahoo! Korea)

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Music Bank 101217

It’s going to be the end of the year and Music Bank will put up a great show today at 5:50pm (Korean Standard Time)!
Top idols such as Super Junior, SNSD, FT Island, SHINee, 2AM and 2PM will be present. KBS subscribers may watch the show live. You may also watch Music Bank live streaming through KpopFlash. 

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Korean Music Industry I. <The Center of Hallyu! K-Pop of the World!>

“SNSD and KARA, who heated up Japan! Along with a special stage by the international idols that earned fame in Japan, Taiwan, and China – Super Junior!”

– SNSD (“Oh!” & “Hoot”)

– KARA (“Lupin” & “Jumping”)

– Super Junior (“BONAMANA”)

▲ Hot Trends of the Music Industry II. <”Duet Craze“>

“The 1+1 Effect! Popularity doubled! Fans doubled! The stars of the year who received the most love with the duet craze!”

– IU & Seulong (“Nagging”)

– Homme – Changmin & Lee Hyun (“I Was Able To Eat Well”)

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry III. <Girl Group Generation>

“With the rise of girl groups, 2010 has become a girl group generation! Here are the five powerful rookie divas that all eyes must be fixed on to continue the craze in 2011!”

– After School & Rainbow & SISTAR & Girl’s Day & NS Yoon Ji

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry IV. <Unique & Different Performances>

“Impressive and unique performances have become the trend for pop music! The idols of elementary school students! These groups have earned the nickname of ‘The President of Elementary Students.’ Here are their cute and unique parodies of Orange Caramel’s “Magic Girl”!”

– ‘Music Bank Caramel’: SHINee & Beast & ZE:A

▲ 2010 Hot Trends of the Music Industry V. <Talented Vocal Line>

“A touching harmony to melt your senses in the cold winter season of 2010.”

– SG Wannabe & Super Junior & SHINee (“My Everything”)


▲ In addition to the above special stages, the following acts will also be seen:

– SISTAR (“Push Push” + “How Dare You”)

– Rainbow (“A” + “Mach”)

– miss A (“Bad Girl Good Girl” + “Breathe”)

– CNBLUE (“Love” + “I’m A Loner”)

– Son Dambi (“Queen” + “db Rider”)

– F.T. Island (“Love Love Love”)

– BEAST & 4minute (“Soom” + “Huh” + Dance Performance)

– T-ara & SECRET (“I Go Crazy Because Of You” + “Magic” + “Madonna” + “Yayaya”)

– SHINee (“Lucifer”)

– SG Wannabe (“Sunflower”)

– 2AM (“Can’t Let You Go Even If I Die” + “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls”>

– 2PM (“Without U” + “I’ll Be Back”)

Source: Kpopflash

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