Halloween Special: Hallyu inspired Halloween Outfit 2013

Are you celebrating Halloween? Check out these Hallyu (K-dramas and K-pop) inspired outfit!

Master’s Sun Coffee Ghost (주군의 태양 – 커피 귀신)

masters sun coffee ghost

Coffee Ghost (커피 귀신)

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Seollal 2013: Korean Celebrities in Hanbok

10th of February is Seollal (Lunar New Year) in Korea and many celebrities wore hanbok (한복/韓服) to celebrate the traditional festival.


sistar 19


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2013 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition

S.M. Entertainment will be having its global audition this year in Korea, USA, Japan, Mainland China and Thailand. Starting with the first Global Audition in USA & Canada in 2006, S.M. Global Audition has held every year in various countries throughout Asia and America. And through this audition, Henry from Super Junior M(06’ Global Audition in Canada) and Amber from f(x)(07’ Global Audition in USA) have been produced. The Audition is open without any distinction of gender, age or nationality and welcomes anyone who wants to participate. Those of who are selected from the audition will be given the opportunity to represent Asia and perform on the global stage with S.M.Entertainment. Click “continue reading” to find out more.



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Korean Parents’ Day Special: Korean celebrities’ parents

Koreans celebrate Parents’ Day (어버이날) on May 8th. In Korea, filial piety is considered the highest of all virtues due to their Confucianism belief (유교). On this day, children will show their respect and love for their parents usually by offering gifts such as carnations, beauty treatments and health care products.

SEOUL AWESOME brings you “Parents of Korean celebrities”. Let’s check them out!


Infinite L

Infinite’s Kim Myungsoo (L.)’s mom (credits: KBS)

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Korean Idols for May 2012 Magazines

April is coming to an end and the weather in Korea is getting warmer. Many Korean idols showcased the mid-spring fashion through magazine’s pictorials with bright colors and flora prints. Let us take a look.

Choi Minho (SHINee)

SHINee Minho Cosmopolitan

SHINee Minho for Cosmopolitan (Photo: Naver)

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