Actor Song Joong-ki to be enlist on the 27th August

Song Joong-ki (29) will be enlist into military service on 27th August 2013.

Song Joong Ki

Song Joong-ki (Source:

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[Pictures] Young-looking vs Mature-looking Korean celebrities

Some Korean celebrities look younger than their age while others certainly look more mature. Let’s take a look!

Choi Daniel & Jang Nara (최다니엘 & 장나라)

jang nara  choi daniel

Jang Nara and Choi Daniel (Photo: KBS)

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Korean Names Part 2

Korean names remained one of the more popular posts in this blog. Many readers continue to asked through emails regarding the meaning of Korean clebrities. This time round, more people are asking names of actors as compared to my previous posts, which more are interested with idols. Seems like the popularity of actors(배우/탈렌트) are rising internationally.

As mentioned in my previous post, Korean names comprise of the surname/family name or seong(성/姓) in Korean, usually one character. Exceptions include Seonwoo (선우/鮮于), Namgoong (남궁/南宮) etc. Most given names are Hanja based. Hence, to understand Korean names, we ought to know what is the true meaning of the Hanja (Chinese characters) that are being formed. More commonly, names are two syllables. There are also individuals with only one-syllable given name, such as the case of Jo Kwon (조권). Rarely, there are also Koreans with native Korean names such as Sarang (사랑; Love), Byul (별; Star), Haneul (하늘; Sky),such as the case of Actress Jang Nara. Nara (나라) means Land in native Korean. There are even Koreans using English names, such as the case of  Actor Choi Daniel (최다니엘), Choi being his surname and Da-Ni-El being his given name. Let us see some of the examples of the meaning of Korean names which some of my readers had enquired.

Song Hye-gyo and Zo In-Sung (That Winter The Wind Blows/그겨울, 바람이 분다)


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Regional Stereotypes in Korea and Korean Celebrities Hometown

Korea is a small country and South Korea is even smaller.

However, regional stereotypes do exist especially by the older generation as traveling to different province in the past was not common due to the mountainous terrain of the peninsula. Interactions within each region were uncommon, which leads to certain stereotypes.

Furthermore, Korea was divided into different kingdoms in the past which leads to certain rivalry; particularly Gyeongsang region (former Silla Kingdom) and Jeolla region (former Baekje Kingdom). Let us take a look at the different positive and negative stereotypes of each region and also Korean celebrities who represent the region.

Gyeonggi Region (Seoul Special City, Incheon Metropolitan City, Gyeonggi-do)


Seoul, Incheon and Gyeonggi-do Map

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2011 MNET Asia Music Awards Red Carpet Pictures

At 5pm (Korea Time), MAMA Music Awards 2011 opens in Singapore with the red carpet. Korean top stars like Yoon Eun Hye, Song Seung Hun etc with various K-pop idols such as Girls Generation (SNSD), Super Junior and miss A were present during the red carpet. Many other global top stars such as and Kod Kumi were also present. Let’s look at some of the pictures.


Yuri, Taeyeon and Sooyoung

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