Korean Black Day 2013

What’s after Valentines Day and White (Valentines) Day in Korea? It’s Black Day!


JjaJangMyeon (짜장면)

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INFINITE’s Sunggyu and Super Junior’s Shindong to live together

Sunggyu and Shindong

Sunggyu and Shindong (Photo: http://www.fnnews.com/JTBC)

INFINITE’s leader Kim Sunggyu and Super Junior’s Shindong will move in together for the show “High Society (상류사회)”.

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2013 S.M. Entertainment Global Audition

S.M. Entertainment will be having its global audition this year in Korea, USA, Japan, Mainland China and Thailand. Starting with the first Global Audition in USA & Canada in 2006, S.M. Global Audition has held every year in various countries throughout Asia and America. And through this audition, Henry from Super Junior M(06’ Global Audition in Canada) and Amber from f(x)(07’ Global Audition in USA) have been produced. The Audition is open without any distinction of gender, age or nationality and welcomes anyone who wants to participate. Those of who are selected from the audition will be given the opportunity to represent Asia and perform on the global stage with S.M.Entertainment. Click “continue reading” to find out more.



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Korean Idols’ Religions

Despite Korea being a homogeneous nation, it has three main religions – Buddhism, Protestantism & Catholicism. Most Koreans are of the Buddhism faith and Christianity is a fast growing religion amongst the people. Let us see the religions of the Korean celebrities – (not a complete list).

Buddhism (불교)

nichkhun buddhist

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Halloween Special: Kpop inspired Halloween outfit

Are you celebrating Halloween tonight?

Be sure to follow some of the K-pop trend and stand out in the crowd!

T-ara’s Cat outfit


T-ara Bo Beep (Photo: Core Contents Media)

T-ara released Bo Beep (Japanese version) this year and once again make it a hit in neighboring Japan.

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Seollal 2012: Koreans Idols Born In The Year of The Dragon

23rd January 2012 marks the first day of the lunar calendar. It is known as Seollal (설날) in Korea and this year marks the Year of the Dragon. Many popular Korean Idols are born in the year of the dragon. As we can see, these idols truly have the personality traits of dragons – confidence, energetic, fearless, full of enthusiasm and generous. Let’s take a look at our dragon idols!

Taecyeon and Nichkhun of 2PM/ 택연 & 닉쿤 – 투피엠

Taecyeon and Nichkhun

2PM: Taecyeon and Nichkhun (Photo: Coca Cola Korea)

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