[Idols Dating] f(x) Sulli + Dyanmic Duo Choiza and T-ara Soyeon + Click B Oh Jong Hyuk

f(x) Sulli and Dyamic Duo Choiza

TV Report spotted f(x) Sulli and Dyamic Duo Choiza holding hands, which looks like they were on a date.


Sulli (Photo: TV Report)

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Halloween Special: Kpop inspired Halloween outfit

Are you celebrating Halloween tonight?

Be sure to follow some of the K-pop trend and stand out in the crowd!

T-ara’s Cat outfit


T-ara Bo Beep (Photo: Core Contents Media)

T-ara released Bo Beep (Japanese version) this year and once again make it a hit in neighboring Japan.

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T-ara: Sexy Love in Tokyo

After the “Hwayoung/T-ara” Controversy, T-ara has finally released yet another catchy song, “Sexy Love”. The music video of “Sexy Love” is filmed in Tokyo. You can see the girls having fun backstage during “T-ara Japan Tour 2012: Jewelry Box”, which they toured the Japanese cities of Nagoya in Central Japan, Osaka in Kansai, Fukuoka in Kyushu, Sendai in Northeastern Japan, Sapporo in Hokkaido and the capital Tokyo.

Sexy Love T-ara

Sexy Love T-ara

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T-ara Scandal V: T-ara members in recent dramas

Despite the ongoing Hwayoung/T-ara controversy, Eunjung, Soyeon and Hyomin will still be appearing in upcoming dramas. Although many advertisers had already blacklisted the six T-ara members, Korean three biggest TV companies (KBS/SBS/MBC) will still be casting them in their latest dramas.

다섯 손가락

함은정- 다섯 손가락 (사진: SBS)

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T-ara Scandal IV: T-ara dropped by advertisers

Hwayoung is out of T-ara. Although she is unable to be part of the team of one of Korean pop greatest girl group, she has won much sympathy. Currently, seems like the other members of T-ara are more affected than Hwayoung.

T-ara Eunjung

T-ara Eunjung (Photo:http://ap.police.go.kr )

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