Korean Idols for December 2011 Magazines

As 2011 comes to an end, many magazines were adorn with pictorials of top Korean idols such as Girls Generation (SNSD), Brown Eyed Girls, Big Bang and Kim Soo Hyun. Seoul Awesome brings you the best pictorials for November 2011.

Narsha for Marie Claire


BEG Narsha for Marie Claire x Levis collaboration (Photo: Sports Chosun)

T.O.P for Bazaar  


Big Bang TOP for Bazzar (Photo: Bazzar)



Sooyoung for VOGUE KOREA


Sooyoung of Girls Generation for VOGUE (Photo: Sports Chosun)

Kim Soo Hyun for marie claire

Kim Soohyun

Kim Soo Hyun for marieclaire (Photo: Nate)

Jessica for 1st Look 


Jessica for First look (Photo: First Look)


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