Korean Idols’ Religions

Despite Korea being a homogeneous nation, it has three main religions – Buddhism, Protestantism & Catholicism. Most Koreans are of the Buddhism faith and Christianity is a fast growing religion amongst the people. Let us see the religions of the Korean celebrities – (not a complete list).

Buddhism (불교)

nichkhun buddhist

  • 2PM Nichkhun
  • T-ara Jiyeon
  • TVXQ Changmin
  • 2PM Wooyoung
  • KARA Hara
  • Wonder Girls Sohee
  • SISTAR Soyou
  • PSY
  • Soo Ae
  • Moon Geun Young
  • Yoo Jae Suk
  • Kim Jong Guk

Wonder Girls Sohee

Catholicism (천주교/가톨릭)

kim tae hee catholic

  • Kim Tae Hee (Baptism Name: Verda – 베르다)
  • Lee Yoon Ji
  • Kim Yuna
  • Son Ye Jin (Baptism Name: Dominica – 도미니카)
  • Kim Ha Neul (Baptism Name: Cecilia – 실실리아)
  • Moon Chae Won (Baptism Name: Bona – 보나)
  • Lee Yo Won (Baptism Name: Maria – 마리아)
  • Kim Hee Ae (Baptism Name: Maria – 마리아)
  • Kim Moo Yeol
  • Kim Woo Bin (Baptism Name: Benedicto – 베네딕토)
  • NU’EST Aron
  • SHINee Taemin
  • G.NA
  • B1A4 Baro
  • BoA
  • BEAST Kikwang
  • Super Junior Ryeowook
  • Super Junior Yesung
  • 2AM Changmin
  • EXO Chen
  • INFINITE L (Kim Myung-soo)

infinite l

Protestantism (개신교)

Siwon super junior

Siwon in Singapore’s Christian Church (Siwon’s twitter)

  • Super Junior Siwon
  • Brown Eyed Girls Narsha
  • Girls Generation Jessica
  • 2AM Jo Kwon
  • 2PM Taecyeon
  • Big Bang Taeyang
  • Big Bang G-dragon
  • Se7en
  • f(x) Sulli
  • Girls’ Day Minah
  • MC Mong
  • Na Kyung Eun (Announcer)


Which idols share the same religion as you?

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18 thoughts on “Korean Idols’ Religions

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  4. i’m muslim. but i like lee min hyuk , peniel , sungjae , hyun sik of btob

  5. I’m Catholic like Tae Hee, Aron, Taemin, BoA, Gikwang, Yesung, Ryeowook, Changmin and Myungsoo! hahahaha awesome!!!!!!

  6. I’m christian too but neither Catholic nor Protestant . Actually i’m eastern orthodox, but i’m glad that there are so many kpop idols who follow Christianity.

    • Currently, Lee Kwang-Soo and Ha-Ha (Ha Dong-Hoon) from Running Man are Christian. Song Joong-Ki (stated in some source) and Lizzy are both Christian too, but they are not current member of Running Man.

  7. I am Buddhist….I like Kyu Hyun, Kwon Ji yong, Key, Jonghyun, Onew, Jaejoong

    but all of them is Christian..but recently, I have discover Dongwoo from infinite, I kinda liked him, and so surprised to find him as Buddhist like me 🙂

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