Korean Fashion For Men: MBLAQ Mona Lisa

MBLAQ has released their new mini-album on 12th July 2011 with an interesting concept and fashion.

Mona Lisa MBLAQ

Mona Lisa - MBLAQ (Photo: Daum.net)

The theme of the album art is “celebrated works”, which featured some of the most iconic figures chosen by the members.

G.O(지오) chose “James Dean”, Mir(미르) chose “Beatles”, Lee Joon(이준) chose “Zorro”, Seungho(승호) chose ” Papillon”  while Thunder(천둥) chose “Boy George”.

The mini-album opens with a Spanish influenced “Ojos Frios”  – literally means cold eyes. In relating to the next track (title track) – Mona Lisa, with the same Spanish vibe, electronic dance music. Not only the music and dance is addictive, the fashion in the music video is unique and awesome.

Lee Joon

Lee Joon, fashionable top which is currently very trendy among fashionable korean guys (Photo: J.Tune Camp (South Korea))


Mir - animal prints shirt + silver outerwear (Photo: J.Tune Camp (South Korea))

mblaq seungho g.o

Seungho and G.O, both wearing awesome-looking outerwear (Photo: J.Tune Camp)

Thunder Mblaq

Thunder caught everyone's attention with this unique outfit. Netted shirt, leather vest and indie inspired man-skirt (Photo:J.Tune Camp)

Mona Lisa MBLAQ

The members of MBLAQ showcasing another line of fashionable outfit (Photo: J.Tune Camp)


MBLAQ members (Photo: J.Tune Camp)

In my opinion, this is truly one of my favourite song by MBLAQ. Spanish inspired tunes are my cup of tea with the song “돌이킬 수 없는 Irreversible” by Son Ga-in (가인), being my favourite songs of 2010. Let’s hope for MBLAQ to produce more awesome music.

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