Hot Summer Bodies: Male Korean Idols

In the previous post, we covered the hot summer bodies of female Korean idols. Korean ladies are obsessed with having S-line body. How about Korean guys? They are obsessed with having chocolate abs (초콜릿 복근). Therefore, many Korean idols train hard to have abs. Almost every Korean male idol groups will have at least one member with abs. Let us take a look at what the Korean girls love about their “oppa” and what the Korean guys aim to have, hot summer bodies.

Taecyeon coca cola

Taecyeon Coke Zero Commercial (Photo:

2PM Taecyeon

Called the “abs of 2PM”, Taecyeon never seems shy regarding showing the world his abs. Check out his new commercial for Coca Cola Light!

Siwon Super Junior

Siwon in Mr.Simple (Photo: SM Entertainment)

Siwon of Super Junior

Many fans regard him with the best face and best abs in the group. Super Junior will be releasing their new album, “Mr Simple” on 3rd August 2011 and the above is the promotional picture of the album.

Lee Kikwang

Lee Kikwang for CLRIDE.n (Photo: CLRIDE.n)

Lee Kikwang of BEAST

Beast is the upcoming popular group in Korea. Although Kikwang is only 1.7-metre tall, he is known to have the best abs in his group. Kikwang is also known to show his abs during his performances.

lee joon mblaq

Lee Joon Mblaq (Photo: Lee Joon)

Lee Joon of MBLAQ

Lee Joon of MBLAQ is known for his abs in various Korean rankings for “Best Body”. The above picture is an underwear advertisement for Kiss Republic. He recently shot a summer beer commercial and also featured in 4 minute’s Hyuna “Bubble Pop”.

nichkhun coca cola

Nichkhun Coca Cola Zero (Photo: )

2PM Nichkhun

Known to be the current most popular “foreign idol”, 2PM was known only for his pretty face but recently shows the world that he is also the “abs of 2PM”. Definitely a “rival” for Taecyeon.

So who is your favourite idol in the list?

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    • Hi there. Yeap, most guys have seen 2am’s well-trained abs in Men’s Health Korea. Who else do u suggest? I’ll try to include in my future articles :p

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